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Flood damage within the property

Good morning,

I have a property that has experienced cat2/3 flood damage to 3 rooms within the property.

Can you please provide your costs to sanitize all 4 rooms within the property after the flood damage has taken place

Bathroom: 5sqm

Kitchen: 16sqm

Living Room: 14sqm

The source of the leak has been located and will be rectified this week.

This will be part of an insurance claim.

Can you please provide your quote but also detail what works you will be carrying out?

Many thanks


Remove all remaining smoke, soot damage and odours

Good morning,

Hope you are well.

We have been sent a project to price and they have asked us to ‘carry out cleaning to remove all remaining smoke, soot damage and odours throughout property’.

I have arranged a site visit for Monday 19th February at 10am if you are able to view in order to price for the above?

Please let me know if this is of interest to you?



Chandelier cleaning

Hi there,

I am working on a property in the London area and have a long chandelier around 4 metres in drop that needs professionally cleaning. 

It can be accessed from the landings it falls between, so while it could be dismantled it would no doubt be easier to clean in situ. I attach a photo and video for reference.

Please let me know if this is a job you would be interested in doing, and if so a rough price and timeframe.

Many thanks


Smoke damage from fire next door house

Location: London
Damage: Smoke from fire next door house (terraced).
Requirement: Full kitchen clean up (surfaces floor walls, inside cupboards no smoke or damage)
Living room and diner, flooring, minor wall residue but smoke smell lingering, hallway same laminate flooring
Upper: stairwell and hallway carpet, full bathroom clean up.
Furniture: Ds, 2 x sofa, 2 x armchair, rug x 2
Pictures attached. Please send quote.
Kind Regards,


Awning cleaning

We are looking for a quote to clean our awning. 
Also do you clean touring caravans inside and out? 
Thank you 

Quote request for an unattended death

Hi there.

Do you operate in North London?

We are a property company and we found a dead body in one of our flat.

It’s a Studio and we have authorisation from the police to enter and clean the flat.

Can you get us a quote?

We have no idea at all about the cost.



Flood damage

Good afternoon,

We’ve had two residential properties sustain flood damage following the recent heavy rain.

Whilst the water has now subsided we require dehumidifiers to be put into both properties and for both to be given a deep clean.

Are these services you can provide?