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Cleaning crystal chandeliers in London: Nova Clean

chandelier cleaning londonNova Clean: Exquisite Chandelier and Crystal Light Cleaning Services in London

Introduction to Nova Clean's Chandelier Cleaning

Nova Clean offers specialized chandelier and crystal light cleaning services in London, dedicated to preserving the elegance and brilliance of your exquisite lighting fixtures. Our expert team is adept at handling delicate and intricate lighting pieces, ensuring they sparkle and shine to their fullest potential.

Why Choose Nova Clean for Chandelier and Crystal Light Cleaning?

Specialized Cleaning for Delicate Fixtures

Our team has extensive experience in the delicate art of chandelier and crystal light cleaning, equipped with the knowledge to handle various styles and designs.

Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning Methods

We use a combination of gentle cleaning techniques and solutions, specifically chosen to protect the integrity of delicate crystals and components while effectively removing dust, grime, and tarnish.

Attention to Detail

Chandeliers and crystal lights are intricate and require meticulous attention. Our cleaning process ensures that every crystal, chain, and bulb is carefully cleaned and polished.

Safety and Care

We prioritize the safety of both the lighting fixtures and our team. Our cleaning methods ensure that your chandelier or crystal light is handled with the utmost care to prevent damage.

Enhancing Ambiance and Light Quality

Regular professional cleaning not only maintains the aesthetic beauty of your chandeliers and crystal lights but also enhances the quality of light they emit, contributing to the ambiance of your space.

Our Chandelier and Crystal Light Cleaning Services

Comprehensive Cleaning

Our service includes a thorough cleaning of all components of the chandelier or crystal light, including crystals, frames, bulbs, and other decorative elements.

Tarnish and Oxidation Removal

We carefully remove any tarnish or oxidation, restoring the original luster and shine of metal components.

Crystal Polishing

Each crystal is individually polished to ensure maximum clarity and refraction, bringing out the true beauty of your lighting fixture.

Safe and Secure Handling

Our team employs secure methods to access and clean chandeliers and crystal lights, ensuring the safety of the fixture at all times.

Maintenance and Care Advice

Post-cleaning, we provide recommendations on regular maintenance to keep your chandeliers and crystal lights in pristine condition.

Serving Residential and Commercial Clients in London

Our chandelier and crystal light cleaning services are available for both residential homes and commercial establishments, including hotels, restaurants, and event venues.

Booking Our Cleaning Services

To book our chandelier and crystal light cleaning services, contact us via phone, email, or through our website. We will discuss your specific needs, provide a customized quote, and schedule a cleaning session at your convenience.

Conclusion: Restoring Brilliance to Your Lighting Fixtures

Nova Clean is dedicated to providing exceptional chandelier and crystal light cleaning services in London. Our expertise in handling delicate fixtures, combined with our meticulous cleaning process, ensures that your lighting fixtures are not just clean, but truly radiant.

Cleaning delicate chandeliers

NOVA CLEAN is available to clean crystal chandeliers and other lighting fixtures for individuals and businesses in London. NOVA CLEAN works with a variety of chandeliers and other hard to reach lighting fixtures that are fragile and difficult to clean. We use a variety of specialist tools to ensure the arms, canopy, baluster and crystals are cleaned to the highest standards. 

NOVA CLEAN are available for home visits as well as for restaurants, hotels and other businesses. Are your chandeliers dusty and crystals in need of a shine? Send us an email and we will get back to you with a free quote in 24 hours!


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